Test collection kit eligibility is determined in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The test kit taker must be 18+.

COVID-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Infection with the virus can range from being asymptomatic to life-threatening respiratory illness. Infection has been detected globally and in all 50 states. Symptoms associated with COVID-19 include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell.

COVID-19 can present with severe illness in individuals of any age and without any previous health problems, but the risk for severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age, with older adults at highest risk. Having underlying medical conditions may also increase one’s risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Conditions and other risk factors that may be associated with severe illness and death are listed below.

How would you rate your symptoms right now?

No Symptoms

I am not having any symptoms, or I am having symptoms that are not listed in the other two choices.

Mild Symptoms
  • I have a fever between 100.4°F and 102°F, am feeling feverish, or feel warm to the touch.
  • I am having flu-like symptoms (chills, runny or stuffy nose, whole body aches, a headache, and/or feeling tired).
  • I have new loss of taste or smell.
  • I have a new or worsening cough.
  • I have a new or worsening sore throat.
  • I am having shortness of breath that is not limiting my ability to speak.
Severe Symptoms
  • I have a high fever of greater than 102°F, OR I have a high fever that has lasted longer than 48 hours.
  • I can’t speak in full sentences or do simple activities without feeling short of breath.
  • I am having severe coughing spells, or I am coughing up blood.
  • My lips or face are blue.
  • I have severe and constant pain or pressure in my chest.
  • I feel very tired or lethargic.
  • I feel dizzy, lightheaded, or too weak to stand.
  • I am having slurred speech or seizures.
  • I do not feel like I can stay at home because I feel seriously ill.

Please describe your exposure to Coronavirus.

No Exposure

I have not been exposed to COVID-19.

Potential Exposure

I live or work in a place where people reside, meet or gather in close proximity (office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, etc.).

Suspected Exposure

I have been in close proximity (within 6 ft) to someone who is sick but not diagnosed with COVID-19.

Known Exposure

I have been in close proximity (within 6 ft) to someone who has been diagnosed or presumed to have COVID-19.

You are not eligible for testing at this time

Due to the scarcity of COVID-19 tests, we are required to prioritize tests for individuals with the most urgent need, based on guidelines that have been issued by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

Should you begin to experience symptoms, it is very important to stay home and limit your interaction with others in your household and in public.

Contact your healthcare provider if your symptoms get worse or you experience any new symptoms.

Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Continuous pain or pressure in the chest
  • Persistent fever greater than 102°F

If at any time you feel like you are having a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.

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We recommend that you seek medical attention now.

Based on your symptoms, we recommend that you seek testing from your healthcare provider immediately rather than wait for an at-home collection test. Call ahead before visiting your healthcare provider. This will help prevent other people from getting infected or being exposed.

  • If you have a medical appointment, let the healthcare provider know that you may have COVID-19.
  • Put on a facemask, if available, before you enter the facility to limit exposure to others.